History of San Jose Episcopal

In the early 1920s, a group of Jacksonville developers and business leaders wanted to create a "Spanish Style" section of town. By 1925, the project known as the San Jose Estates saw the completion of a real estate office, a hotel, and a golf and country club. Soon after, the houses began around the central hub of this early "planned community." In 1929, the stock market crash halted the activity of the development. About 20 of the original homes still stand in what is now called the San Jose section of Jacksonville.

The Hotel is now a part of The Bolles School. The Golf and Country Club remains San Jose Country Club. But what to do with the real estate office?

Through the 1930s, the old San Jose Estates Administration building was used as a gas station, and even as a casino. But in the late 30s, Jesse Ball Dupont bought out the rest of the original group and offered the land and building to the Episcopal Church for the founding of a new congregation. In 1941, Grace Chapel (as it was originally known) became an Episcopal Parish.

Sje Stained Glass ResizeIn 1950, Grace Chapel Parish launched the Day School. Some years later Grace Chapel changed its name to San Jose Episcopal because the term "chapel" no longer accurately described the broad mission of the church – and because the acronym SJE matched the San Jose Estates logo already on the building.

San Jose continues to grow and change, but many things remain constant. The commitment to love, service, and worship will never change. We welcome you to come join us as San Jose's story continues to unfold into God's future.