Becoming Disciples

Lent 2018

Christian Education

Sunday Mornings:

On Sunday mornings, we will begin at the beginning. How can we think about our own discipleship without studying the original disciples, the 12...or is it 13? Stories from scripture, combined with early written histories, as well as local legends, provide the best picture we have available to sketch out biographies of Jesus’ original followers. Andrew, James, John, and even Judas have stories to tell us. We will hear them, this Lent, on Sunday mornings.

Wednesday Nights:

On Wednesday Nights we will go one step further. We will think about what it might mean to be and become disciples ourselves. It IS the call of the Gospel, but not one we always take very seriously. Jesus did not die and rise for us in order for us to try to be nice people, good parents, or fair in our business dealings. He came that we might seek the abundant life which is only available to those who truly attempt to do his will and continue his work. It is a challenge, of course, but it is also the most lasting joy that we can find.

A Holy Lent:

Finally we encourage you to make a special effort to attend Christian Ed. during Lent. It makes a great down payment on the promise we make on Ash Wednesday, to observe a Holy Lent, and our observance makes the celebration of Easter much more joyous when it comes. 




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