Stained Glass Restoration Project

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Dear San Jose,

As you saw this past Sunday the “A” in St. Cecilia’s window fell out into the memorial garden.  In some ways this was not a huge surprise. We have had concerns about the windows for a little while and had already engaged a restoration firm to evaluate and give us a quote for their repair.

But it looks like we need to go ahead with the project. As I said on Sunday, I do not want baby Jesus to fall out on my watch—and I bet you do not either.

Stained glass windows tell stories. Ours tell the story of Christ in narrative form window by window across the church. We have 32 total windows and each one costs in the neighborhood of $1000 to repair. So we need to raise about $30,000.

We never really ask for money outside of our normal giving and pledging. We do not usually need to. The parish operates frugally and you are generous givers. But every now and then something comes up (or in this case…falls out!).

If you can help, please do. You can give by check or online and just stipulate that it is for the Restoration Project. Thank you in advance. I know we can do this.                                          

 In Christ,